Which Famous Entrepreneurs Used Whole Life Insurance As Their Own Bank?

Even though marketers like Nelson Nash and/or Pam Yellen claim to have pioneered the Infinite Banking Concept or the Bank On Yourself method, the truth of the matter is that Whole Life Policyholders have been using this “banking strategy” for eons, especially some of America’s most famous entrepreneurs. Learn more about how they utilized these strategies.

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5 Reasons Borrowing May Be Better Than Paying Cash

You probably have been conditioned to think that anything associated with the word “borrow” must be bad for you. The truth of the matter is, not only can borrowing against your own banking mechanism put you in a better overall financial position from a growth standpoint, but you can also pick up a host of other benefits as well. If there was a better way to deploy your cash flows, when would you want to know about it?

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